MarkUX is a powerful tool for creating rich user-experiences in Unity. Design, create and share user interfaces in a whole new way

Expanding upon on the new unity UI it brings a well-established architectural pattern: MVVM (Model View ViewModel) to Unity.


XML feature

Design views using XML

Design, share and re-use views using simple XML. Views can be freely nested, re-used and combined.

Fast and fluid workflow

Views are automatically processed and wired to their ViewModel through naming conventions. The process is fast and views are presented in the scene as changes are saved.

Elegant & Intuitive DataBinding

Using naming conventions and smart binding logic, binding data to your views is very straight forward. No "plumbing" or configuration required.


Effortlessy create interactive views that respond to user interactions. Use the existing event system events (click, drags, etc) or create custom actions with ease.

interactive feature
animation feature

Animate views using XML

Quickly create animations using XML. Re-use animations on different views.

Easy Transitions

Creating animated transitions between views is easy using the ViewSwitcher view.

Flexible styling using Themes

Modify the look & feel of views using Theme files (XML). Control the theming through id- and style-selectors (similar to CSS).

Catalogue of Views and Themes

Since views can be easily created and shared expect to see a growing catalogue of views available for download. The community is encouraged to create and distribute views as they please.

theming feature
dynamic feature

Dynamic Content

Have views adjust to run-time changes of data as shown by the FlowList and List views.

Responsive Layout

Have views adjust to content and layout changes.

Intuitive & Flexible Layouting

Specify width and height of views using percentage, pixels or elements (user defined unit). Anchor views by setting alignment. Use margins and offsets to adjust positioning.

Display sets of data

Displaying lists and sets of data is easy using the FlowList and List views. Bind custom data to the list and control the way items are presented using templates.

Similar to WPF and other MVVM frameworks

If you've worked with MVVM frameworks such as WPF (XAML), Silverlight, Caliburn, AngularJS, Prism, etc. you'll feel at home with MarkUX.

Based on new Unity 4.6 UI

Since it is based on the new Unity 4.6 UI it will be able to take advantage of new features as the Unity UI system continues to evolve.

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